"Beiner has written an engaging narrative, with interesting characters and a brilliantly spiralling plot. The novel skilfully explores some of the personal, religious, and social tensions that inhabit the plant hallucinogen plateau, but is not afraid to put forward an opinion. It could perhaps do with being slightly shorter but otherwise a full-bloodied story and a fine contribution to drug literature... Effectively, the book itself is tripping, but while Beiner may not be the first to try such a feat, he is certainly among the most successful."

- Rob Dickens, Psychedelic Press UK

"Brilliantly conceived, hauntingly and sensuously written... 'Beyond the Basin' evokes unusually vivid imagery, stirs the imagination and helps awaken some of the deepest parts of our slumbering subconscious minds. In this daring and uniquely-inspired novel about following the whispers of intuition ... shamanistic travel alchemically merges with free-spirited global adventure, as two compelling and inter-twining narratives carry one deeper and deeper into ever-growing mysteries... Like a powerful dream that astonishes us to the core, Beiner's enchanting tale and illuminating revelations will stay with you long after you put the book down."  

- David Jay Brown, co-author of 'Mavericks of the Mind' and 'Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse'

"Beiner lends his vast scope of knowledge of shamans in the Peruvian Amazon to this title... a truly excellent novel!"

- Weed World Magazine, Issue 83

"I devoured Beyond the Basin in two days. A captive magical story with a deep archaic, but still urgent message to all of humankind. Beiner has drawn upon the wisdom of the elders of the entheogenic movement and the plant teachers and then mixed this up with some spell binding storytelling. Highly recommended!"


"I very much enjoyed this book. It's one of those that you think you know what is going to happen early on, but it turns out very differently. However, unlike the old 'the butler did it' gamble, all the clues are right in your face. It's a very rewarding twist."


"Alexander Beiner has done his homework. And I don't merely imply psychonautic adventures. "Beyond the Basin" brims over with the evidence of extensive readings in the literature of psychedelics, ethnopharmacology, mythology and the philosophy of religion(s). We are skillfully carried on a Borgesian journey from the modern urban landscape to the still wild realms of Amazonia and along the way are made familiar with much of the framework of what Terence McKenna named "The Archaic Revival"... Well worth reading. Not for psychonauts only. Anyone interested in the exploration of consciousness, the social implications of "rave culture", or just out for a rollicking ride should be pleased with this first novel and its experimental denouement. Read and enjoy."


"This is a powerful, thought-provoking story that I won't soon forget. Beiner's description of the jungle was so realistic that I could almost feel the heat and smell the lush greenery...Those with a strong stance against drug use, or those unwilling to question religion, may not enjoy this book. I highly recommend Beyond the Basin to those who read with an open mind... Prepare to be amazed!"

- William Potter, Readers Choice Reviews

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